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Actions: A specific type of message that sends a command to a device.

application ID: Each application is assigned a unique ID by ARTIK cloud services. An application ID is required to obtain an OAuth2 access token and to request data from an application, provided that the user has granted access.

Cloud Connector: An infrastructure that enables you to connect a third-party cloud to ARTIK cloud services.

device: Any source of data in ARTIK cloud services.

device ID: Every device in ARTIK cloud services is identified with a unique device ID.

device type: A device type defines a category of device in ARTIK cloud services. For example, "Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit" is a device type, and "Andrea's Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit" will have a unique device ID. Only the owner, vendor, or OEM of a device will likely need to create a device type.

Groovy: An object-oriented programming language for the Java platform. It is used to create Manifests.

Manifest: The Manifest, which is associated with a device type, describes the structure of the data to ARTIK cloud services.

messages: Data is stored in ARTIK cloud services by applications and devices in a message. ARTIK cloud services recognize two message types; one carries only data, and the other carries Actions for devices.

OTA: ARTIK cloud services' device management features can be used to trigger OTA (over-the-air) updates on devices, e.g. firmware updates.

persistent connection: A connection using one of the following endpoints.

WebSocket: /websocket
MQTT: /v1.1/messages/ and /v1.1/actions/
CoAP: /v1.1/actions/

rate limiting: Rate limits are applied to all messages and Actions for all pricing plans, regardless of whether they are valid messages or Actions.

Rules: Rules are one of the most powerful features of ARTIK cloud services, allowing you to quickly create an IoT ecosystem with smart device interactions that work outside silos.

single persistent connection restriction: A device can maintain at most one persistent connection with ARTIK cloud services with its device token.

Tizen: An open-source operating system built on the Linux kernel and offered in versions for multiple mobile and embedded platforms.

user ID: A user ID is defined by ARTIK cloud services and assigned on user creation, which is done through ARTIK Cloud Accounts.