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ARTIK Cloud is a data exchange platform that enables any device or sensor to push its data to the cloud. Applications, services and devices can then use that data through simple APIs.

ARTIK Cloud is open and agnostic. To save data or send a message to the cloud, you can do it in the format most convenient to you. ARTIK Cloud will do the work of interpreting it.

ARTIK Cloud architecture overview

ARTIK Cloud defines a new paradigm for developers to create services and applications. It offers a new dimension to think beyond a single device and enables developers to connect and analyze all sorts of data. This is what we call Data Driven Development (D3).

  • Clients can access and aggregate historical data from different sources, thus opening a new perspective on big data.
  • Clients that subscribe to a WebSocket can receive data in real-time, enabling different devices and applications to talk to each other.
  • ARTIK Cloud is the only service that gives users complete control over their data. By granting access to devices and applications, users promote an ecosystem of services around data.
  • Through the definition of a Manifest, developers can support diverse devices and data.

What this documentation covers

Longtime developers may have noticed a change. The data exchange platform formerly known as SAMI is now officially ARTIK Cloud! All the features you've been using are intact, with many more to come.