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Advanced Samples

Welcome to Advanced Samples. These are applications that demonstrate advanced ways to use ARTIK Cloud in practice. Each application is available on GitHub and designed to be modular—ideal for you to take apart and reuse in a way that suits you.

For more basic examples, see Tutorials

Keep an eye on this page—more is on the way!

Title Description Platform Source code
ACFlicBtn Builds an Android application which acts as the proxy of a Flic button. From there, you can extend the Flic button to control a wide range of remote devices via ARTIK Cloud Rules. Read more Android Browse source
ACdm Builds an Android application to manage remote devices that are connected to ARTIK Cloud via LWM2M. Read more Android Browse source
WorkWithKinesis Build a sample system (including multiple apps) that reads ARTIK Cloud device data from AWS Kinesis Stream. Read more Java Browse source
ACManageCCDevice Builds an Android app that creates, authorizes, de-authorizes, and deletes Cloud Connector devices from ARTIK Cloud. Read more Android Browse source
ControlLightUsingRules Builds an Android app that uses the Rules APIs to programatically create and manage Rules to control a fire detector and smart light. Read more Android Browse source
MonitorFlameTemp Creates a fire and temperature monitoring system using ARTIK Cloud, Arduino UNO, Raspberry Pi, and an Android app. Read more Sketch, Node.js, Android Browse source
Weather Station Uses ARTIK Cloud to collect and analyze weather data from sensors. Read more Node.js and Sketch Browse source
AKCnBLE Demonstrates how to onboard a Bluetooth Low Energy Device and stream data from the device to ARTIK Cloud in real-time using WebSockets. Read more Android Browse source
dtlsclient Demonstrates how to make the CoAP POST and GET (Observe) DTLS calls. Read more Java Browse source
AKCAccountsWebApp Demonstrates how to use ARTIK Cloud Accounts to sign in/sign up/sign out a user and reset the user's password. Java Browse source