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For a basic walkthrough of connecting a device and sending some data, see Hello, World! For more advanced examples, see Samples.

Keep an eye on this page—more is on the way!

Get Started sample code

Title SDK Source Code
Java SDK starter Java/Android SDK Browse source
Python SDK starter Python SDK Browse source
Swift SDK starter Swift SDK Browse source
JavaScript MQTT starter N/A Browse source
Android OAuth starter N/A Browse source
Device management starter Java/Android SDK Browse source
Manage LWM2M clients via Task APIs Java/Android SDK Browse source
LWM2M Java client OTA starter Java SDK for LWM2M Browse source

Tutorial applications

Title Platform/Languages Source Code
Your first Web app PHP, JavaScript Browse source
Your first Android app Android Browse source
Your first iOS app iOS(Swift) Browse source
Your first IoT device Sketch, Node.js Browse source
An IoT remote control Node.js, Android Browse source
Your first Cloud Connector Groovy Browse source

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