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Code samples

Our code samples cover a wide variety of basic and advanced applications.

In some cases, the sample will link to the accompanying tutorial article. You will find the link to the source on GitHub in the article.

Starter code

Code sample Platform (SDK used)
Java SDK starter Java (SDK)
Python SDK starter Python (SDK)
Node.js SDK starter Node.js (SDK)
Swift SDK starter Swift (SDK)
Tizen SDK starter Tizen (SDK)
JavaScript MQTT starter JavaScript
Android OAuth starter using AppAuth Android
Device management starter Java (SDK)
Manage LWM2M clients via Task APIs Java (SDK)
LWM2M Java client OTA starter Java (SDK for LWM2M)
Node.js Firehose WebSocket starter Node.js
Node.js device channel WebSocket starter Node.js
Python Firehose WebSocket starter Python
Python device channel WebSocket starter Python
Java Firehose WebSocket starter Java (SDK)
Java event feed WebSocket starter Java (SDK)
Java device channel WebSocket starter Java (SDK)
Limited Input Device Flow Java
Limited Input Device Flow Node.js
Create prediction rule Node.js
Create anomaly rule Node.js
Create a Sunrise/Sunset Rule Nodejs
Create Scene Nodejs

Tutorial code

Code sample Platform
Your first Web app Node.js
Your first Android app Android
Your first IoT device Sketch, Node.js
An IoT remote control Node.js, Android
Your first Cloud Connector Groovy
Your first anomaly detection Rule Web

Advanced samples

Code sample Description Platform
ProxyHub Builds a hub application that discovers and maps local devices to virtual devices on ARTIK cloud services. Read more Node.js
DeviceSharing Builds an Android application that share user devices with others using device sharing functionality. Android
MqttSmartLight Builds a smart light emulation application that subscribes and publishes to ARTIK cloud services MQTT endpoints. Java
ACFlicBtn Builds an Android application which acts as the proxy of a Flic button. From there, you can extend the Flic button to control a wide range of remote devices via Rules. Read more Android
ACdm Builds an Android application to manage remote devices that are connected to ARTIK cloud services via LWM2M. Read more Android
WorkWithKinesis Build a sample system (including multiple apps) that reads device data from AWS Kinesis Stream. Read more Java
ACManageCCDevice Builds an Android app that creates, authorizes, de-authorizes, and deletes Cloud Connector devices from ARTIK cloud services. Read more Android
ControlLightUsingRules Builds an Android app that uses the Rules APIs to programatically create and manage Rules to control a fire detector and smart light. Read more Android
MonitorFlameTemp Creates a fire and temperature monitoring system using ARTIK cloud services, Arduino UNO, Raspberry Pi, and an Android app. Read more Sketch, Node.js, Android
Weather Station Uses ARTIK cloud services to collect and analyze weather data from sensors. Read more Node.js and Sketch
AKCnBLE Demonstrates how to onboard a Bluetooth Low Energy Device and stream data from the device to ARTIK cloud services in real-time using WebSockets. Read more Android
dtlsclient Demonstrates how to make the CoAP POST and GET (Observe) DTLS calls. Read more Java
AKCAccountsWebApp Demonstrates how to use ARTIK Cloud Accounts to sign in/sign up/sign out a user and reset the user's password. JavaScript
WebAppJSHealthBook Demonstrates connecting to 3rd party Fitbit, Withings, Jawbone, and Weather Service to retrieve fitness data into ARTIK Cloud account. Node.js
WebAppPHPDeviceAndMessages Demonstrates authenticating to ARTIK cloud services application, adding Application Permissions, creating devices into user account, and sending messages PHP