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Monetize your device

We assume that you have created a device type.

Monetization on ARTIK cloud services is a new monetization solution for the Internet of Things. It’s an open data broker model that enables, for the first time, device manufacturers and service providers to tap into an open IoT ecosystem and create service plans that generate revenue directly from the interactions of devices and services. With our easy-to-use UI, you can get up and running quickly.

In this How To, we go through the steps to start monetizing your solution today!

Device type owners receive 70% of Monetization revenue. ARTIK cloud services receive 30%.

To enable Monetization on a device type, make sure you are an administrator of your organization.

Step 1: Choose a device type to monetize

Navigate to your device types in the Developer Dashboard and select a device type.

Click "Monetization" in the menu to the left and then "New Monetization Plan".

Step 2: Define the Monetization plan

You will now set a quota and price to define two Monetization Tiers for the device type: Free and Premium.

How to Monetize Your Device

The Free Tier includes a daily quota of free data messages or Actions that these devices can send/receive.

The Premium Tier offers the end user a one-time payment to bypass this daily quota for an unlimited number of messages/Actions.

In the above example, we have entered 100 daily messages in the Free Tier. If the user exceeds 100 messages in a day, they will be prompted to pay $1 to bypass the quota permanently.

How messages are counted gives more detail on how daily quotas are tracked for native and Cloud Connector device types.

Step 3: Enter payment Information for payouts

On the next page, enter your bank account information and validate your identity to receive usage fee payouts. ARTIK cloud services handle payments through Stripe on the last day of each month.

How to Monetize Your Device

Step 4: Sign the contract

After submitting your Monetization plan, the ARTIK cloud services team will send you a contract to sign. This will activate your plan.

The Monetization documentation describes how to programmatically support Monetization in an application.

The user experience

This is how Monetization looks from a user perspective.

A user surpasses the daily message quota on a device. The application loads the following UI in a web session:

How to Monetize Your Device

After opting to upgrade to a Premium Tier on the device, the user enters and submits their payment information.

How to Monetize Your Device

That's it!

Adding Monetization to a device type is simple, and it is equally simple for the user to participate.